Windows provide a source of natural lighting for our homes. Window glass can be designed to achieve improved window performance, as well as aesthetic enhancement to any style of home.

The choice of products has never been so great. Replacing or installing new windows provides the opportunity to enhance your home in terms of appearance, energy saving and comfort. The benefits that glass can provide should each be considered to help choose the right product combination for you.

Glassology provide a range of window glass products which offer energy saving, self cleaning and other benefits in addition to providing natural lighting.

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Kitchen Splashbacks

As splashbacks become more and more customisable in terms of size, colour and shape people are increasingly incorporating them into their kitchens.

Durable splashbacks provide real value and style to your kitchen.

Glassology can cut splashbacks and worktops to bespoke sizes using our latest equipment ensuring the correct measurements are cut provide the perfect fit in your kitchen.

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Shower Screens

Glass is the ideal product for both shower screens and coloured wet wall panelling, providing a crisp clean modern look, durability and is easy to clean.

With years of experience in processing glass we have a wealth of knowledge to help you design, produce and install the glass for your shower cubicle.

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Glass Balustades

Clean and timeless. Glass was, it is and it always be a modern accent no matter where. Glass makes any place more clear and full of light. And its also proved to add more value to your property than the low investment you’ll make.

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